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FOR RELEASE: December 18, 2018

Kirkland-based start-up Faira talks trends for tech & the Seattle housing market in 2019

Seattle, WA - The December report from NWMLS shows the local housing market has cooled substantially just in the last 6 months. Buyers are picking up deals, but sellers in Seattle could see some of the sky-high appreciation they’ve enjoyed the last few years evaporate dramatically if they don’t sell smartly. And flipping homes becomes economically riskier, with housing prices on a steady decline. So, in this unstable market, will buyers and sellers continue to adopt new real estate technology or will they play it safe and go with traditional broker-based sales? And what will be the most successful for both buyers and sellers in the long run?
Faira CEO Kamal Jain says, “In this market, the buyers are expecting discounts, which is hard for sellers to give on top of all the commissions and closing costs.” That’s why Faira gets rid of the most expensive commissions, to provide the most cost-efficient seller’s option possible.
Who uses Faira? From city-dwellers looking for more house in the suburbs, to starter home shoppers, to seniors looking to downsize and beyond: real estate tech is for everyone. And platforms like Faira make it easy. The new crop of buyers aren’t businesses - they’re people - who prioritize getting the very best deal. And that’s who Faira aims to serve.
Faira shows you there’s a better way to simplify the tricky transaction of buying & selling a home. Put control in the participants’ hands (read: on their phone).
Take away the broker and the broker’s fee.
Save them thousands of dollars in the final transaction (read: cheapest option out there).
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Kamal Jain, CEO of Faira, talking about housing trends and consumer behavior to find out if customers are interested in - or afraid of - adopting new ways to buy and sell homes in a fluctuating market. What’s ahead for all of those players in 2019? Dr. Jain is also available to offer expert commentary on real estate & tech trends for your year-end/look ahead pieces in the new year

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