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Get thousands back at closing.

Faira's 3% back buyer program saves independent buyers a ton of money.

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"We got $12,000 back. It was amazing! The money helped with closing on our new townhouse."

Yifan, First-time home buyer

How offer assist works

1. Find a home
Find a home you'd like to buy without the help of a real-estate broker.
2. Get in touch
Call Faira at 1-800-571-FAIR to discuss your offer or fill in the form below to get started.
3. Make an offer
A licensed agent will write your offer and only if it's accepted will you pay 1%.
4. Get 3%* back!
You get the full agent commission back at closing.

Questions? Call us at 1 (800) 571-FAIR or


You can choose to make a 3% higher offer knowing you'll get it back in your pocket after closing.

Or keep the change. We leave that up to you.

What could you do with an extra 3%?

grade Afford more house

grade Compete with all cash offers

grade Furnish your new place

grade Go on vacation



Estimated Money Back

That's five times the savings Redfin can offer.

"Our family loves going to Lake Tahoe so we were able to use the extra money to make a few cosmetic upgrades to the house as well as buy season passes to Alpine/Squaw Valley Ski Resort"

The Slingluff's saved over $13,000 buying with Faira Offer Assist

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Faira Offer Assist work?

Often, home buyers find the home they want to buy on their own, without the help of an agent. If that describes your situation, Faira can help you make an offer. Simply complete the form on this page and one of our agents will work with you to write up and submit your offer. You will receive the full agent commission back at closing – typically 3%. The cost for this program is 1% of the offer price and you only pay if your offer is accepted by the seller. It’s a great deal!

Is there a fee per offer?

Nope. No fees. You only pay 1% of the offer price when your offer is approved by the seller.

How many offers can I make?

You can make as many offers as you wish.

How do I find a house?

You can find a house online using real estate websites like Redfin and Zillow. If you have a target budget, size, or location we recommend setting up alerts on these sites so you are notified about new listings. You might also find a house walking through your desired neighborhood. Homes are selling very quickly so it’s important to be aggressive. Get in touch when you find a home and would like to make an offer.

When do I get the 3% back?

You will get 3% back at closing. Use it to cover closing costs, request a check for the full amount or choose a combination.

Can first time buyers use Offer Assist?

Yes! We’ve helped many first time home buyers make winning offers. Contact us today to get started.

Looking for a Faira Listing?

All independent buyers get a 3% discount on Faira homes.