Faira | Buying a House with Faira

Finally, a fair way to buy a home.

Our process is different (in a good way!)

Free transparency reports

All the information you need, upfront.

Every Faira Certified Home includes Transparency Reports that are available to you before you even tour the home: independent inspection report, title report and seller's disclosure. With all this information, you can feel confident making your best offer.

Buyer protection

Protection, just in case.

Faira offers buyers a free unlimited Appraisal Guarantee. If the lender's appraisal comes in below the purchase price, we will refund your 0.5% Platform Fee.

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Make an offer from mobile!

Real-time offers & visibility

With Faira's technology, you can make an offer online (or on your phone!) and see competing offers. There are no secret negotiations or complex contingencies. The highest offer wins the home.

Simple process

When you buy with Faira, the process is simple so there is no earnest money. Instead, we charge buyers a 0.5% fee only when your offer is approved and the contract is signed.

Home buying made simple

  1. 1.

    Find a Faira home

    Faira homes are posted on all the MLS and many more real estate sites.

  2. 2.

    Diligence & visit

    Every Faira home comes with a Transparency Report which includes an independent inspection and title report. Buyers can visit the home at one of the open houses or by calling the home owner directly for a tour.

  3. 3.

    Make an offer

    Offers are made easily online. We require a $500 hold on a credit card, but earnest money is never involved.

  4. 4.

    Five day reservation

    Once your offer is approved, the home is reserved for you for five days while the Purchase and Sale agreement is signed. Faira now puts your $500 deposit toward the 0.5% Platform Fee.

  5. 5.

    40 days to closing

    The home sale closes within 40 days of offer acceptance.

Ready to buy a home the fair way?

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Buy with an agent

If you're working with an agent that works for us! Agents can easily work with Faira on your behalf and experience a streamlined process that we're sure will bring them back.

Buy independently

Faira empowers buyers to make their own offers on the Faira marketplace in just a few clicks. Plus, independent buyers automatically save 3% on a Faira Certified home.