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"Our family loves going to Lake Tahoe so we were able to use the extra money to make a few cosmetic upgrades to the house as well as buy season passes to Alpine/Squaw Valley Ski Resort"

The Slingluff's saved over $13,000 buying with Faira

Akilesh Gupta
Google Review
“If you want to save on buyer agent commission, I highly recommend Faira where their agents help prepare the offer and negotiate with the seller's agent.”
Kyle Clark
Google Review
“I used Faira to purchase a home. The process was simple and straight forward. I received my money back today. Thank You Faira for the greatest real estate innovation in decades!”
The Lynam's bought and sold with Faira

"Buying with Faira, we saved $10,000. That was cool because it wasn't just money we saved, it was money we actually got back to help with closing costs and moving...It was a really nice bonus after we bought the house."
Frequently Asked Questions

How does buying with Faira work?

Often, home buyers find the home they want to buy on their own, without the help of an agent. If that describes your situation, Faira can help you make an offer. Simply get started making an offer and one of our agents will work with you to write up and submit your offer. When you close on the house Faira will pass on most of our commission to you - typically 2% of the purchase price, but that can vary per listing.

Is there a fee per offer?

No, but we sometimes require a $199 deposit to get started on an offer. When you buy a home with Faira that deposit is fully refunded.

How many offers can I make?

You can make as many offers as you wish.

How do I find a house?

You can find a house online using Faira's home search or real estate websites like Redfin and Zillow. If you have a target budget, size, or location we recommend setting up alerts on these sites so you are notified about new listings. You might also find a house walking through your desired neighborhood. Homes are selling very quickly so it’s important to be aggressive. Get in touch when you find a home and would like to make an offer.

How do I see the home in person?

Visit the open house

An open house is the best way to see a home you're interested in. Learn more

Purchase refundable showings

If you can't make an open house, you can purchase six private showings with a Faira agent for $500. If you end up buying a house with Faira the entire cost of the showings will be refunded to you, thereby making your showings free. Six showings, when used in conjunction with open-houses, is sufficient to purchase a home in 95% of the cases. If more showings are needed for your purchase, please let us know at support@faira.com

A single, private showing can be purchased for $75 and is non-refundable.

Purchase a single showing

No obligation showings

Redfin offers free, no obligation showings. If Redfin cannot match our money back program, we will be glad to write an offer for you. Faira and Redfin have no business association.

When do I get the money back?

You will get money back at closing. Use it to cover closing costs, request a check for the full amount or choose a combination.

Can first time buyers buy with Faira?

Yes! We’ve helped many first time home buyers make winning offers. Contact us today to get started.

*Commissions vary by listing. Faira earns 1% per successful closing and you get the remaining money back, typically 2% in Washington and 1.5% in California.

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