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How Faira Works for Home Buyers

Faira Essentials
If you've found a home and you're ready to make an offer you can save big. Start your offer online and we'll write it, submit it, negotiate, and support you through closing. You get 2%* back. Cha-ching.
Get up to 2% back

Faira Plus
The best value in the industry! Faira will answer all your questions about buying a home and show you all the homes you'd like to tour. We'll help you write a winning offer so you can get home faster.
Full service, but not full commission.
Get up to 1% back
Get up to:


"Our family loves going to Lake Tahoe so we were able to use the extra money to make a few cosmetic upgrades to the house as well as buy season passes to Alpine/Squaw Valley Ski Resort"

The Slingluff's saved over $13,000 buying with Faira

Akilesh Gupta
Google Review
“If you want to save on buyer agent commission, I highly recommend Faira where their agents help prepare the offer and negotiate with the seller's agent.”
Kyle Clark
Google Review
“I used Faira to purchase a home. The process was simple and straight forward. I received my money back today. Thank You Faira for the greatest real estate innovation in decades!”
The Lynam's bought and sold with Faira

"Buying with Faira, we saved $10,000. That was cool because it wasn't just money we saved, it was money we actually got back to help with closing costs and moving...It was a really nice bonus after we bought the house."
Matthew Home
Matthew's $11,000 check arrived right away

"We were able to buy a house for less than asking, plus got a check for more than $11,000 deposited in our bank within 48 hours of closing! The future of home buying is here!" --Matthew Tiemann
Frequently Asked Questions

How does buying a home with Faira work?

Buying a home with Faira is simple! If you already know what home you’d like to purchase, you can start an offer online. We’ll walk you through every step of the process, and if you win the home, we rebate you most of the commission—up to 2% cash back!

If you’re still looking for a home you can use our handy search engine, or sign up to be connected with one of our expert agents to find the perfect home for your needs.
How do I get the money back?

You’ll receive your chosen rebate when the transaction closes. You can choose to have it applied towards closing costs for the home, receive a check for the full amount, or a combination of the two.

Does it cost anything to submit an offer with Faira?

Nope! There is no fee to submit an offer with Faira. Faira earns a portion of the seller paid commission for a successful closing and you get the remaining money back.

How many offers can I make?

As many as you like!—But thanks to our expert Faira agents, you probably won’t need to make too many before you win one. 😉

Can first time home buyers use Faira?

Absolutely! We’ve helped tons of first time buyers make winning offers. Additionally, if you want extra assistance from one of our agents you can opt in to our Faira Plus program.

How do I find a house?

You can use any online search portal, including our Faira Listing Search, or other popular search portals like Redfin and Zillow. Once you know the home you’d like to make an offer on, you can start your offer online and we’ll take it from there!

How do I see the home in person?
To see a home in person, you can attend an open house or you can purchase showings a la carte directly from Faira.

For a pack of 5 home showings, the cost is $399. For individual showings, the cost is $99 per showing.

If you think you’re going to need even more showings, no problem!—Our Faira Plus program comes complete with unlimited in-person showings. 😎
When do I get the money back?

You will get money back at closing. Use it to cover closing costs, request a check for the full amount or choose a combination.

*Commissions vary by listing. Faira earns a portion of the commission per successful closing and you get the remaining money back. Your Faira agent will estimate your money back based on the listing's location and price.

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