Faira | Agents: how to submit an offer
How to make an offer on Faira

Making an offer on a Faira home is easy and takes as little as two minutes, with no earnest money required. Instead, the buyer pays 0.5% of the offer price upon acceptance (the Faira Platform Fee). Here's how it works:

1. Submitting an offer

Making an offer: To start, simply click the "Make an offer" button on any Faira Listing. Just input the details of the offer and enter contact info for you and your client(s). Then, your client will need to provide a credit card and $500 hold before submitting the offer.
Credit Card: Don't worry—this hold is only to ensure that your client's offer is genuine, and to keep the price of the home from being artificially inflated. For convenience, you can generate a link for your client to input their own credit card information. (All of Faira's credit card transactions are processed securely by Stripe, and your buyer's info is never seen by anyone at Faira.)
Submit the offer: Once the hold has been made, just refresh the page and click "Submit". The seller receives the offer immediately and has up to 24 hours to respond. It's that easy!
2. Due Diligence
Offer Approval: If the seller approves your offer, the $500 hold is fully charged and paid towards the Platform Fee. You then have up to 5 days to perform any additional due diligence on the property as agreed to with the seller.
Prepare PSA: Within 24 hours of offer approval, you'll need to provide a PSA reflecting the agreed terms signed by your buyer only. The contract price should be written for 99.5% of the offer price, since the Platform Fee is paid upfront.
Due Diligence: During the 5 day period after offer approval, you may choose to have an inspection or anything else that the seller has agreed to, but this is strictly optional. Once your buyer has cleared the home, they'll need to pay the remainder of the Platform Fee.
3. Platform Fee & PSA Signing
Pay Remaining Platform Fee: The remainder of the Platform Fee is equal to 0.5% of the total offer price, but with the $500 hold subtracted. (Example: If the total Platform Fee was $1,200 the remainder due would be only $700.) The remainder is payable by check or wire transfer only.
Mutual Contract: Once your buyer has paid the remainder of the Platform Fee, we'll send the PSA you provided to the seller for signing. Once they've signed, the contract becomes mutual and the listing it moved to "Pending".
Conventional Offers:
We think that Faira is the easiest way to make an offer on a home, but we understand that every situation is unique. If you want to submit a traditional "paper" offer, you can send it to the document email listed on the MLS. All offers are presented to the seller regardless of whether they were made on the Faira platform or on traditional MLS forms. Please note that sellers will incur an additional fee when they accept an offer offline, and that the decision whether or not to accept an offer is always at the sellers' discretion.
Every Faira listing offers a full commission to agents, the same as any other brokerage.
Save time by making a quick and easy offer on our platform. Plus, see what other buyers are offering in real time, so you always know how to win your client the home.
Every Faira listing includes an upfront set of Transparency Reports , which can include an independent home inspection report, preliminary title report, disclosures, resale certificate, and more—which reduces risk for both buyers and sellers.
Faira keeps your client's max price private from the seller, other buyers and their agents. Offers are increased in $1,000 increments only when a higher offer arrives.

More questions? Check out our in-depth FAQ or give us a call anytime at 1-800-571-3247.

Certified Listings with Inspection Report
As a Buyer's Agent you can access free Transparency Reports on the Faira website. Transparency reports include the inspection, seller disclosures and title report. You can share these reports freely with your clients. Faira homes also have the Faira Appraisal Guarantee, which can be accessed on the Faira listing page.
No Need for Earnest Money
Homes transacted through Faira don't require the usual 3% Earnest Money. Instead, there is a Platform Fee of 0.5% which is required prior to signing the PSA. This Platform Fee demonstrates the sincerity of the Buyer's offer. You are free to specify an Earnest Money Deposit and protect it with various contingencies, but this is not necessary. As an example, for an offer of $400,000 approved by the Seller, the Buyer will pay $2,000 to Faira prior to signing the PSA and the PSA price will be $398,000. The usual $12,000 in Earnest Money is not required. Agents can easily make an electronic offer on the Faira website on behalf of their clients.