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Your expertise and our technology are transforming real estate.

Why work with Faira?

Hundreds of qualified clients

When Faira assigns a client to you it’s not just a lead, it’s qualified and typically with an already signed contract.

Full service 3% listings

Faira's new 3% service tier allows you to sell your highest tier of services.

No monthly fee

Your real estate expenses are paid by Faira*, as well as continued education, business cards, software and a fully stocked, tech-supported office to use on a floating basis.

*If you were to leave before 90 days, you reimburse for all our expenses.

technology to help you win

Our technology saves you time and helps you serve your clients better.

Over 99% of approved offers on the Faira Platform succeed at closing.

Over two-thirds of the offers made by Faira agents are accepted by the sellers.

Get buyer leads through Faira listings when they make offers without an agent.


"I close over half a dozen transactions per month, and I don’t have to farm for a single one."

Matt McGaffey, Washington

"I get 5 star reviews from clients while working with Faira."

Cindy Nguyen, California

"I've been in real estate since 2006 through many types of sales conditions. Faira's new approach to real estate—with technology that empowers my clients— has resulted in the best months of my entire career!"

Angela Meisenheimer, California

"I drive Uber, but I also host open-houses for Faira for a reliable monthly income."

Tracy Bush, Washington

How does Faira pay?

Paid by task at time of service: Get opportunities for open house hosting, showings, overseeing inspections, in-person CMA, MLS entry and more. We ask you to do one courtesy open-house or equivalent task a month for Faira.

Assigned client commission splits: Faira pays 20% of the commission when you represent a Faira client, whether it’s a buyer or seller.

Faira pays you 80% of the commission on your own buyer leads.

100% commission on your listings: Faira pays 100% of the commission on your listings when the Platform Fee is paid. Most offers on listings take place on Platform, therefore the Platform Fee is paid by the buyer and you keep 100% of the commission.

If a buyer would prefer instead to have their offer accepted off the Platform you will receive 80% of the commission as the Platform Fee has not been paid to Faira.

Listing service tiers give you and sellers choice

At Faira we make it easy for you to define your own commission when you bring clients to the Platform. There’s also ample opportunity to work within one of our existing service tiers with assigned qualified leads.

Create your own service:You can personalize your seller services and set prices for your clients.

Faira Premium: 3% commission for our exclusive service tier.

Faira One: 1% commission on a full service tier without a promise of an exclusive agent.

Faira Free: Free tier which is fully supported by our technology with minimal agent service.

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