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Just like a Carfax© report increases consumer confidence in a vehicle, a Faira Certified listing improves buyer confidence in a home. When home buyers feel more confident, they reflect it by making higher offers more quickly.

At Faira, our mission is to align the interests of buyers and sellers. We have developed a process that is rooted in transparency, so sellers can benefit from a confident buyer.

Agents representing buyers are paid a commission. A 3% buyer agent commission is built into the asking price displayed on the MLS.


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Improve buyer confidence with Faira

Transparency Reports: An independent inspection report, title report and Seller's disclosure are upfront on every Faira listing.

Appraisal Guarantee: In case the buyer can't purchase the home due to the lender ordered appraisal coming in below the purchase price, we will refund the entire Platform Fee. Learn more

Online offers: The buyer and/or their agent can make an offer online. With our technology, buyers can see competing offers and outbid another buyer in seconds.

Pending and commitment: We prevent homes from going "pending" pre-maturely. The home does not become a pending sale until the buyer has made a commitment to the home by paying the 0.5% Platform Fee.

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