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You are the driving force behind Faira.

Homeownership is a milestone and also a very personal transaction. Buying or selling a home is often a complex process with too many unknowns for the people who have the most at stake. At Faira, we come to work every day to build a better experience for you: one that's simple, transparent, and less expensive.

Our advisors

Amit Mital

Amit Mital

Manager, KRNL Labs
Gary Flake

Gary Flake

CTO (previous), Salesforce
Chris Nye

Chris Nye

Owner, MLS4owners.com

Our Story

Faira was founded by friends who all endured complex home sales and knew they could contribute their expertise to modernize the process. By combining proven economic principles, technology and the best interests of buyers and sellers, a new solution emerged and they called it Faira. The name Faira is derived from one of our founding principles: to build fairness into everything we do.

Whether you're looking for your first home or moving on from a house full of memories, Faira is the place to start for a streamlined experience that saves you both money and stress.

Meet the team. We're simplifying real estate.


Kamal Jain

CEO and Co-Founder

A technologist and economist, Kamal specializes in designing business models for the internet. Kamal now works to align the interests of home buyers and sellers with Faira.


Eduardo Oliveira

CTO and Co-Founder

Eduardo loves many things, but three of his biggest passions are technology, real estate and making complex things simple.


Katrina Wisner

Director of Marketing

Katrina loves bringing new ideas to life and helping people discover new technology. When she's not working, she's busy exploring the trails and parks around Seattle.


Amanda Gatlin

Director of UX

Amanda focuses on designing genuine solutions to improve how people interact with technology. In her spare time, she loves seeking out new places to explore at home and abroad.


Ricardo Oliveira

Lead Engineer

Before joining Faira, Ricardo worked at Microsoft for 6 years building Office 365. When he isn't taming wild computers, he loves playing games.

Bill Drews

Bill Drews

Customer Relations Manager

Bill has helped tens of thousands of people use online tools to improve their bottom line. He's a former WA State Realtor and is passionate about real estate. When he's not working, you'll find Bill in the company of his wife, enjoying the Northwest.


Jooneil Ahn

Software Engineer

Jooneil enjoys working in full stack and mobile development. When he isn't programming he likes to spend his time playing tennis, guitar, video games, and riding motorcycles.


Brenden Martin

Marketing Strategist

Brenden is a Marketing Strategist with a background in web development. When he isn't building marketing funnels, he is hanging with his toddler and teaching him how to dance.

Darnell Sue

Darnell Sue

Director of PR and Communications

Darnell is passionate about building community in everything she does. When she's not pitching stories she's networking, checking out the latest fitness class or spending time with her rescue cat Obi Juan Catnobi.

Chris McQuillan

Chris McQuillan

Director of Operations

Chris has 15 years of real estate experience, both here in Washington and in California. He came to Faira to help revolutionize how real estate transactions are done. If he’s not in the office you can usually find him on the trails or at a baseball field watching his son play.

Anthony Sielczak

Anthony Sielczak

Broker and Strategy Consultant

Anthony is incredibly passionate about the future of the real estate industry and how technology seeks to improve it. When he’s not at the office, you’ll find him exploring the city with his wife and two dogs, Remy and Gambit.

Shannon Pence

Shannon Pence

Operations Manager

Shannon is passionate about bringing a top-notch customer experience to the tech and real estate industry. In her downtime, she can be found spending time with her rescue dogs and exploring restaurants with unique food offerings.

Mitch Rappaport

Mitch Rappaport

Managing Broker

Mitch brings 12 years luxury brokerage experience. Away from the office, Mitch is found playing music around the San Francisco Bay Area with his famous wife, writing songs, and enjoying his children and huge extended family.

Laura Rahmil

Laura Rahmil

Managing Broker

Laura has a strong passion for real estate and been working in the industry since 1983 across the U.S. in Chicago, Florida, and California. When not working out you can find Laura ballroom dancing or traveling the world.