A New Way to Buy and Sell Real Estate

Transparent Process. Less Risk. More Reward.

Sell for free with Faira

MLS listing, photography and inspection included.

Buying a home

Faira homes are pre-inspected so you can make informed offers.

Why sell with Faira?

Free for Sellers

Faira eliminates the 6% commission model and gives you all the tools you need to sell your home and save thousands:

  1. MLS listing + syndication to Redfin, Zillow and more
  2. Independent Inspection Report
  3. Independent Certified Appraisal
  4. Professional Photography
  5. Preliminary Title Report
  6. Contracts for the sale
  7. Online review of offers
  8. Option to receive multiple bids for your house

Faira provides you with all these services by charging buyers a small fee of 0.5% of the purchase price.

Less Stress

Because buyers have reviewed the inspection report prior to making an offer, they are able to make their best offer. By changing the process, there is less risk for all parties and no stressful price renegotiations.

Why buy with Faira?

More transparency

With Faira, the due diligence is done upfront by independent third parties. You get the Faira Transparency Report, which includes an independent inspection report, so you can make your best offer.

When you are ready to make an offer, there is no bluffing. You can see if there are competing offers for the home you want.

More Savings

If you choose to make an offer without an agent, you immediately get a 3% discount on the purchase price. No negotiation required. Of course, you can still use Faira with a buyers agent. Faira remains neutral.


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We help sellers optimize their profit and buyers purchase the right home at the fairest price. Our process and technology lowers costs for all parties.

Imagine a purchase and sale transaction where you can clearly see what's for sale and have transparent negotiations.

Faira takes the mystery out of the purchase and sale transaction. Without the typical complexity, the process becomes simple and you don't have to stress.

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