Sell for free with Faira

MLS listing, photography and inspection included.

Buying a home

Pre-inspected homes so you can make informed offers.

Why sell with Faira?

Faira does away with the 6% commission model and gives you all the tools you need to sell your home and save thousands in real estate commissions. Faira is free for sellers!

By using Faira you get:

  1. Listing on the MLS and affiliated websites, such as Redfin, Zillow and other brokers.
  2. Independent Inspection Report.
  3. Independent Certified Appraisal.
  4. Professional Photography.
  5. Preliminary Title Report.
  6. Contracts for the sale.
  7. Online review of offers.
  8. Option to receive multiple bids for your house.

Faira provides you with all these services by charging buyers a small fee of 0.5% of the purchase price.

Buyers benefit from using Faira since they get the Faira Transparency Report upfront, including the inspection report. This allows buyers to make their best offers and avoids stressful price renegotiations.

All done with transparency, ease of use and minimal stress.

Why buy with Faira?

The due diligence is done upfront by independent third parties. You get the Faira Transparency Report, including an inspection report, even before you make an offer on a home. And then have the most modern negotiation platform at your fingertips to make your offer.

There is no bluffing. You can see if other buyers are competing for the home that you are pursuing and you can see what other buyers are offering.

You can also freely decide if you want representation by an agent or not. Faira works in a neutral fashion to whether you have an agent. If you chose to make an offer by yourself then you immediately get a 3% discount on the purchase price. No negotiation required.


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We help you optimize revenues if you are a seller and help you select and purchase the right home at the fairest price if you are a buyer, at a cost that's an order of magnitude lower than traditional means.

Imagine a purchase and sale transaction where you can clearly see what's for sale and have transparent negotiations.

Faira takes the mystery out of the purchase and sale transaction. Without the typical complexity, the process becomes brain-dead simple and you don't have to stress.

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