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Why Faira works

Organized paperwork

Transparency in Home Sales

Faira organizes the home inspection and title report for the seller's listing. That means that potential buyers can make their best offer while fully informed. Because of this transparency we can all avoid stressful renegotiations.

Buyers get more information which means that sellers get better offers.

Real Estate for the 21st Century

When a seller lists with Faira we populate that house listing to 100s of real estate sites.

Offers are made online and all parties view them. It's another way we've built transparency into our process.

How Faira works

A seller starts a listing on

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Next, Faira schedules inspection and photography.

Independent Inspection

An independent inspector will come to the house and perform a free home inspection.

Professional Photography

We'll then get a professional to take gorgeous photos of the home for listing on the MLS.

Faira lists the home on the MLS, Zillow,
Trulia, Redfin and more.

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Buyers can make educated offers because the home inspection, disclosures and title report have been in their hands from the start.

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Make an Offer
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Nothing is secret, including other offers.

Sellers pay nothing. Buyers don't put in earnest money.

Faira is always free for the seller. Independent sellers can save up to 6% if their buyer is also not using an agent. Buyers pay a small 0.5% fee when it's time to sign the contract, instead of putting down earnest money.

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No contingencies.
No bluffing.

Faira levels the playing field by showing buyers and sellers all offers made on a home. Without contingencies it's possible for a seller to compare offers equally, which in traditional home selling is impossible due to complex contingencies.

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